Wagamama returns – a long term patient and profitable exit for Hutton Collins

Hutton Collins’ funds sold Wagamama to The Restaurant Group in December 2018, with a cash return distributed to the funds’ investors earlier this year.

The story behind the facts is that Hutton Collins supported the journey of Wagamama through an association of 12 years and provided a profitable return for fund investors that beats the listed markets benchmarks.  In a nutshell private equity doing its thing.

Stephen Geddes, CEO Mainspring commented: “As fund administrator to Hutton Collins it’s always a pleasure to see and complete the profitable return of cash to fund investors, to distribute the cash and compile the quarterly reports.  The Wagamama sale was notable for us in being both a long term and profitable return for which we would like to congratulate the Hutton Collins team.”

Matthew Collins at Hutton Collins comments: “We are grateful for the close assistance and support that Mainspring have provided to Hutton Collins since taking over the running of our back-office functions in May of last year, including their important work on exits such as Wagamama.”

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