Private Equity LP Fund with HNW Co-Invest UK feeder

If you are considering creating a UK feeder fund for individuals to co-invest alongside the main fund, this may be a cost effective, simple solution.

Mainspring has an award-winning nominee and custody platform which can be branded and structured as a discretionary or fully managed mandate.  Whether the main fund is domiciled in the UK, Jersey, Guernsey, Luxembourg or Cayman this dedicated feeder can be a co-investor for investors from any country into any primary asset.

Use this dedicated FCA regulated UK structure to:

  • increase assets under management by providing access for a broader group of related investors,
  • hold equity, loan notes and similar instruments,
  • reduce the minimum threshold investment for individuals,
  • deploy in an efficient timeframe and with a lower cost due to the simplified structure – can be put in place in a matter of days, and
  • benefit from ongoing investor relations for performance updates through our sophisticated individual investor ‘Reporting Service’.


“We have built an innovative investment structure and Mainspring immediately understood our requirements and helped us turn the vision into reality based on their deep sector knowledge”

Peter Soliman, General Counsel Hambro Perks