Hambro Perks to allow individuals to co-invest in its VC deals

Venture capital firm Hambro Perks, run by City grandee Rupert Hambro and former investment banker Dominic Perks, has opened its doors to retail investors for the first time.

An innovative and interesting market development comes from Hambro Perks, which is now launching an EIS fund, administered by Mainspring, which will allow retail investors to make tax-efficient investments alongside the Hambro Perks business.

With the new EIS fund, the firm aims to avoid the pitfalls which others have fallen into. While some funds have been known to invest in unsound businesses, simply so they can charge fees, or bleed businesses dry to generate a return, Hambo Perks will be putting its own money into every transaction.

With the extra money which the EIS fund gives it, the firm hopes to be able to write larger cheque sizes for investee companies and be able to build its stake in companies in which it is really confident.

Hambro Perks’ EIS fund aims to raise £20m per annum, to continue investing in UK startups indefinitely.