Starting your fund

Mainspring Fund Services appoints Norman Watson as Director, Head of Sales

London, 9th January 2021. Mainspring, a leading provider of Fund Administration and Custody services for alternative investment managers, has today announced the appointment of Norman Watson as Director, Head of Sales. Based in Mainspring’s London office, Mr. Watson will report directly to Stephen Geddes, CEO & Founder. Mr. Watson will be responsible for Mainspring’s ongoing revenue growth and account management functions. This newly created senior management position is a critical part of Mainspring’s strategy as the company continues to focus and expand

Winding up a private equity fund

Private equity funds in Europe are usually considered to be ten-year funds.  Investors are told that this is the time frame within which the investment manager will source appropriate transactions, make the various investments and then effect realisations.  The documentation constituting the fund will usually provide for a fixed end date, subject to extension if a particular percentage of investors agree. Most fund documents provide that after final closing, when all investors are contractually bound to advance monies upon receipt of

Timing the first close

In previous editions of our Insights series we’ve looked at some of the key considerations regarding the first deal from your fund, and one of the key considerations is: When should I hold a first close for my fund? The question is of course significant and not only for the practical reasons laid out in our last article. It is also as much art as science. The dynamics of your particular fundraising (the specific investors you have in play and their

Setting up a new PE or Venture fund – Raising Capital

Now that you have prepared your plan and your materials, and have your permissions, structures and advisers in place, there is nothing to stop you reaching out to investors and hoovering up commitments to Excellent Fund I. You (or someone else in your team) may be an experienced capital raiser, however this is one area where many first time managers look for outside help. The challenge, of course, is that most first time funds are seen as a risky proposition by

Setting up a new PE or Venture fund – permission & formalities

Parts 1-3 of this series of articles have looked at the areas where you should have conviction in order to invest the time and other resources required to launch a fund, as well as covering the fundamental cash flow and pertinent business considerations for any want-to-be fund manager. An important feature of investment management that we have not yet touched on, however, is regulation. Private equity and venture capital managers must be regulated in any market in which they plan to

Setting up a new PE or Venture fund – your fund as a business

Up until now, this series of articles has focused on some questions that need confident answers before it is prudent to sink the time, cash and other resources required into launching a new fund. This time we will concern ourselves with just one issue: How do I run the business side of being a fund manager? Like any business, your fund management company needs a financial plan.  You must have a clear plan as to how you will cover the costs and

Setting up a new PE or Venture fund – creating value

So, let’s fast forward to the first investment from your new fund: how are you going to improve the value of your new portfolio company? Value creation has come under increasing scrutiny since the financial crisis, 10 years ago. Even if leverage is an important component in your investment strategy, using leverage as the primary tool to generate returns is no longer sufficient. Today, successful managers are able to point to strategies and operational improvements that they have successfully used

Setting up a new PE or Venture fund – first things first

Launching a private equity fund will typically involve raising a large amount of capital from individuals and institutions, but there are many steps that need to be taken before it is time to reach out formally to potential investors with your proposition. This series of short articles aims to introduce first-time and would-be fund managers to the steps that need to be taken to launch a private equity fund. First, we will look at the tests you must subject your