Operating your fund

Coming back to the market for Fund II (or Fund III or…)

So you successfully raised your fund and have now invested it in a portfolio of (hopefully performing) investments. Now, four years down the line, you are thinking of returning to market to raise a successor fund. Let’s take a look at the most important considerations. Timing At first look, it would seem the timing of a successor fund is fairly obvious – it’s when you are out of capital! In reality, it is not as straightforward as that and managers in fact have

Reporting to your Investors

Your fund has held a first close and you have some money in the ground, having executed your fund’s first deal. Now you need to start thinking about how you report on your activity to your investors. Of course, your latitude here is limited: the Limited Partnership Agreement (LPA) for your fund will detail what is required when it comes to reporting, including provisions around the timing of reports (how frequently; when after the reporting end date they need to

Making your first investments

So, having now been managing your deal flow and building up a pipeline of potential investments for your new fund, you have identified what you feel is an attractive first investment. What considerations should you keep in mind when making this first investment? And how will you fund it? Building up a portfolio of investments quickly has the benefit of providing a more fully-formed story to sell to investors in later closes, as you will have proven the ability to execute