Technology Strategy

Mainspring uses the software, systems and infrastructure that fund managers would expect in a large fund management environment coupled with an innovative mindset to support the personal service our fund manager clients expect from a nimble fund administrator.

We use proven, industry leading systems that are highly resilient and secure and add value through systems integration and in-house innovation.

The goal of Mainspring’s internal specialised innovation team is to improve service delivery efficiency and quality, as well as: (i) reducing manual involvement in low level tasks, (ii) to drive transparency of service to our fund manager clients while increasing their self-service access to reporting and operational status, and (iii) to empower investors through self-service access to reporting and live dashboard analytics.

Fund Administration & Accounting

At the heart of our information management platform is Investran, the industry-leading private equity software solution from FIS (formerly SunGard).

Investran lets us effectively manage the entire fund life cycle from inception to realisation with powerful granular fund accounting, reporting and relationship management functionality.

It supports multiple asset types and structures and is both highly resilient and highly-secure.

In addition to the standard processes required to deliver the service, Mainspring has deployed workflow technologies to better manage the service delivery and to yield operational insight into the state of the processes (for internal management use and for our fund manager clients), as well as allowing Mainspring to robustly support the delivery of flexible client specific services.

Reporting & Portals

Mainspring’s Reporting Services give fund managers and investors transparency and self-service access to granular data, documents, reports and visualisation dashboards throughout the lifecycle of the fund. This is an area of continuous innovation and we are focused on helping improve our clients’ operational efficiency and adding value to their investor relations service.

Mainspring’s Reporting Services deliver investor, fund, and fund manager data to each stakeholder group in a flexible manner, either as standard or bespoke templated reports, as structured data, or in innovative live and interactive dashboards. The service is provided to fund managers flexibly with a variety of reporting formats, client branding and enhanced security options and is delivered from market leading highly resilient infrastructure.

IT & Cloud

Mainspring’s back-office IT systems are Microsoft based and delivered via a managed service by a Microsoft Gold Partner with ISO 27001 accreditation.

The company’s communications network is resilient, and Mainspring’s data is backed-up daily to a UK based data centre and systems are tested annually for business continuity.

To support flexible working for staff and to allow for screenshare collaboration with clients we have a company wide deployment of the collaboration and unified communications tools provided by Microsoft Office 365.

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