Reporting Services

Reporting Services

Mainspring Reporting Services is the solution for high quality advanced reporting, performance analysis and data that is at your fingertips and which adds value to the running of the fund. In addition, it is the solution that enables communications and advanced investor reporting, with flexibility for reporting formats and branding, that demonstrates your stewardship of the fund.

Internal Innovation Team
By investing in a data analysis and reporting team, Mainspring has made the quality of detailed reporting a core part of our DNA.

Flexible Delivery
One size doesn’t fit all: while Mainspring offers a fully white labelled investor and reporting portal to all clients as part of our core service, reporting can also be delivered via data feed if required.

Bespoke Reporting
Our reporting platform is customised for each managers specific requirements with all LP communication fully branded as if coming directly from the manager.

Mainspring can receive data feeds from the GPs internal systems to allow for an aggregated reporting solution. Use a portfolio management system or CRM solution to capture new and changing information, with Mainspring receiving the same updates in a streamlined and efficient manner, and combining that with our data to create high value reporting for the investors and internal reporting for the fund manager.

Go beyond Quarterly Reporting
With daily transaction processing the Mainspring reporting platform can provide managers and investors with up to date snapshots of their capital activity, portfolio company information and fund performance.

Portfolio Look Through
When investing through multiple vehicles both LPs and GPs need to understand the diversification, exposure and risk inherent in the underlying portfolio for each vehicle. With Mainspring’s structured look through this is possible at the click of a button.

Management Data
Maintaining accounting and administration oversight can be a cumbersome task for many fund managers requiring large numbers of manual process to reconcile against NAV packs created by a TPA. With self-service ability to inspect the trial balance, general ledger and many more management reports, this can be a thing of the past.

Cybersecure, Highly Resilient
Delivered through market leading secure, highly resilient infrastructure so it’s there when you need it.


  • Remove the burden of fund manager duplication and shadow bookkeeping.
  • Improve confidence levels in fund data
  • Delivers service quality.


  • Improve speed of decision making for fund operations and investor services.
  • Reduce inbound requests from investors.
  • Leverage fund data in the fund managers operations.


  • Customise performance calculations.
  •  Flexible branding and design.
  • Integrate third party data sources (benchmarks, market pricing, KPIs).

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