Reporting Services

Reporting Services

Mainspring Reporting Services for fund managers and investors delivers reporting transparency and self-service access to documents, reports, data and dashboards throughout the lifecycle of the fund.

For data and reporting at your fingertips and in your control, work with a fund administrator that “gets it” and delivers the data granularity and fidelity you demand, with self-service access for automated retrieval or via an online portal. Mainspring Reporting Services is the solution which provides flexibility for reporting formats and branding, enhanced security options and is delivered through market leading highly resilient infrastructure – so it’s there when you need it.

When something more than just track record is a requirement for your next fund, stand out with fund communication, reporting and performance analysis that demonstrates your fund stewardship and clarity of fit for your LPs.

Fund Manager Operations

  • Get direct access to fund data as customised reports, self-serviced SSRS reports or raw data files.
  • Get access via your portal or as direct data feeds into your secure SFTP site.
  • No need for parallel accounting as you can work on the same data set.

Investor Services

Use a managed investor portal that we host and you control:

  • Reduce inbound email activity and duplicate requests, and provide access to additional insight that you publish.
  • Increase your firm’s security level, if required, and offer enhanced security options for those investors that demand it.
  • Market to investors by providing insight into the investment team, product literature, company specials, including using videos and RSS feeds.


  • Direct access to fund data to remove the burden of fund manager duplication and shadow bookkeeping.
  • Improve speed of decision making.
  • Improve quality of service.


  • Improve speed of decision making
  • by investors.
  • Reduce inbound requests from investors.
  • Leverage fund data in middle office applications to provide enhanced data presentation.


  • Custom performance calculations.
  • Flexible branding and design.
  • Integrate third party data sources (benchmarks, market pricing, KPIs).

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